The Blind Eye Observatory

•••• Celestial Sidereal Manse

•• Divine Observatory (Sidereal-favored: Observatory with a direct view of the Loom & line of sight communication with the Pattern spiders)
••• Wyld Revocation (Sidereal-favored: Use obvious charms doesn’t register or leave essence signatures)
••• Disguise Fate (Sidereal-favored: Fate-based attempts to search out occupants becomes more difficult as their fates are temporarily grafted on to other Yu-Shan residents. Pattern spiders see them as a random person.)

A Silver faction safe house created to give faction members access to the loom of fate under different identities and to allow the smuggling of Lunars to Yu-Shan. Because its nature can’t be acknowledged, the manse has often been requisitioned by non-faction members upon the death of faction hearthstone holders, though the manse is usually recovered quickly through various bureaucratic means. The manse takes the form of a pagoda with a rounded dome instead of the usual pyramid top. Local consider the manse a joke. After all, who would need sub-standard access to the Loom so near the actual Loom.


From Left to Right: Villadonna (Goddess of Inappropriate Sexual Conduct & Head Maid), Konami Genyama (Dragon-Touched Maid), Blusing Rose Thorn (Lunar Half-Caste Secretary), Hurricane Jeanne (Solar Half-Caste Battle Nun), Raging Firewater (Fae-Blooded Steward), Scaramanga (Ghost-Blooded Steward)

The Blind Eye Observatory

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