Cast List

Characters from Previous Games

Table of Contents

  1. Exalted
    1. Solars
    2. Abyssals
    3. Infernals
      1. Green Sun Princes
      2. Akuma
    4. Lunars
    5. ???
    6. Nocturnals
    7. Sidereals
      1. Bronze Faction
      2. Gold Faction
      3. Independents
      4. Ronin
    8. Dragon-Bloods
      1. Dynasts
      2. Lookshy DBs
      3. Dragons of a Different Color
  2. Primordials & their Devas
    1. Humaniform Jouten
  3. Gods
    1. The Incarna
    2. Sidereal Division Heads
    3. Other Gods of the Highest Ranks
    4. Important Gods and Elementals
    5. Mid-Rank Gods and Elementals
    6. Minor Gods
    7. Rogue and Forbidden Gods
  4. Demons
    1. Third Circle
  5. Raksha
  6. Dragon Kings
  7. Automatons
  8. Half-Castes and God-Blooded
    1. Golden Children
    2. Moon-Born
    3. Star-Blessed
    4. Fae-Blooded
    5. Ghost-Blooded
  9. Heroic Mortals
  10. Ghosts
    1. Hun Souls
  11. Familiars



Wandering Exalt who used to be a professional bare-knuckle fighter.
Hired by Esoteric Motives, who works for Countless, to search for members of the new Exalt types.
Is the Solar mate of Bulldog.

Desert Rat
Born in Varangia to a high caste family of civil administrators.
Left his caste and lives in a village outside Varangia proper.
His previous incarnation was Masked Viper / Viper Smiling Wide.
Is the mate of K.K.

Unpredictable Tortafeasor
Assisted the unknown Exalts’ entrance into Yu-Shan.


Meticulous Owl
The lone Abyssal who participated in the Lotus Massacre.
Pursued Countless during his escape by attacking in the form of a swarm of Abyssal Shard Bats.

Shoat of the Mire
Has the appearance and manner of an eleven year old girl.
Arrived in Rinmarg ahead of an attack team of Exalts
Oversaw the attackers but did not take part in the operation herself.

Veil of Ebon Blades
Was pursuing the party through Nexus on their first mission.
Whispered something about Tree-Father Erehio to one of the PCs.


Green Sun Princes

Adorned with Vitriolic & Aureate Insight aka Addy
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

Bitter Copal, the Infernal Artificer
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

Cearr, the Savage Barbarian
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

Darkra Guilefiend
Blocked the Sidereals’ magical escapes during the Lotus Massacre with the spell Undisturbed Convocation Veil.
Is the Infernal mate of Ba’al.

Eternally Vitriolic Avenger aka Eva
Offered Slinger info on a Yozi plot in the East as good will for future negotiations on behalf of Szoreny.
Latter, let herself be taken into Sidereal custody to plead for her master’s amnesty.
Told the Five Fold Fellowship everything Szoreny knew about the plot.
Appeared to have been turned into a Solar against her will by Lytek with the party’s blessing.
In reality, she asked for Lytek’s help, knowing he loves all his Exalted shards, and he hid her Infernal nature.
Promised to let Lytek study her Exaltation before making any escape attempt.
Claimed the Green Sun Princes’ have an untapped power neither Yu-Shan nor Hell know about.

Gloriously Retarded Mongol
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

Captain Gyrfalcon, the Sky Pirate
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

Manosque Cyan, the Obstructive Naysayer
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

Ophilis Ses
Snakeman Infernal who cut off Chejop Kejak’s head after he surrendered during the Lotus Massacre.

Radiant Profane Pugilist aka. R.P.P.
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

Sulumor, the Wan Stravrophore
Dune Person Infernal seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.


Amber River (Ebon Dragon)
Slinger’s character’s crush
Relatively young Sidereal who was seen as the nicest, sweetest person you will meet in heaven.
Specialized in fateful gifts and serendipity.
Worked on the Blessed Isle with young children and students.
Revealed to be an Akuma at the Lotus Massacre.

Ba’al (Ebon Dragon)
Higher essence Akuma who attacked the entire party during the Lotus Massacre.

The Brass Beast (Kimbery)
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

Burning Eyes Maiden (Ebon Dragon)
Eva claimed this Akuma of the Ebon Dragon was executing a plot to destroy the East of Creation.
The S-Team followed up on the tip and stopped her destruction of Halta’s dragon lines by killing her and relocating forests to fix the dragon lines.
Was seen in the company of The Last Hunter of Xaal.

Fehim of the Three Devils Gang (Cecelyne)
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

Five Rivers (Malfeas)
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

Insatiable Star, The Malfean Daughter (Metagaos)
Demon-blooded child of Hrotsvitha, the Spawning Forest, 9th Soul of Isidoros
Her birth’s fate has maipulated to give Yu-Shan a spy in Malfeas.
Has citizen status in Malfeas equal to a 2nd circle soul.
Has a crush on Dan’s character.
Was revealed to be an Akuma but still assisted the party during the Lotus Massacre.
Known to have rather debauched tastes and lied about her patron to hide this.

Ivory Wind (Qaf)
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

The Last Hunter of Xaal (Adorjan)
Lunar encountered by the party in Halta.
Seen in the company of the Burning Eyes Maiden.
Silver Pact Lunars claimed they would “handle him.”
Appeared to be executed by Arr-D’gado, Bulldog, Kurofa, Rain Deathflyer, & Silver Python at the Lotus Massacre.
Became an akuma to gain Solar level sorcery and show up Raksi.

Lintha Ng Hut Dukantha (Kimbery)
Forced Chejop Kejak to stand down during the Lotus Massacre by threatening to destroy the Loom.

Litany Against Fear (Isidoros)
A slave from Malfeas who Exalted during his escape.
Has a demon-blooded boarlet familiar named Izzie which he gave to Unknown Axiom.
Part of the group that visited heaven, the Bath of Venus, and made contact with Ei Zou.
Companion of Unknown Axiom and Akuma of Isidoros.
Assisted the Party during the Lotus Massacre by using counter magic on the spell Undisturbed Convocation Veil.
Has the Urge to ensure Creation has a fair battle with the Yozi.

Shaar (Anapuul)
Seen as part of the invading death squad during the Lotus Massacre.

Unknown Axiom (Hegra)
Mentored by Belladonna Atropa, Akumafied by Lypothymie.
Hasn’t chosen a focus but has assisted in infultrating Yozi cults aand has taken numerous trips to Malfeas
Known to be a bit of a trickster and has assisted in missions in “unexpected” ways, much like her previous incarnation Smiling Revenge.
Also known to be an excellent psychopathologist.
Has the Urge to ensure madness in both Creation and Hell to ensure they remain separate.
Secretly still in communication with Idris Khan.


Arr-D’gado, Stalker of the Proving Ground
Reclusive Silver Pact member who guards Halta’s Proving Grounds
Assisted the party in taking down the Burning Eyes Maiden.
Also assisted the Party during the Lotus Massacre.
Born member of the Blight Hunter tribe but banished.

Bounty hunter hired by Esoteric Motives, who works for Countless, to search for members of the new Exalt types.
Was finally recruited into the Silver Pact by Silver Python.
Assisted the Party during the Lotus Massacre.
Is the Lunar mate of Demetheus. Received the Exaltation of Kurofa’s old friend Man -Gator.

Kurofa Kachina aka. K.K.
A warrior who gained the attention of Mars herself and was given the right to live in Yu-Shan by the Maiden.
Previously held a manse in Yu-Shan but lost the title due to a loophole found by Countless’ legal team.
Is currently working at the behest of the party and the Division of Battles on analyzing the new Exalts types.
Invited the team’s women to the Bath of Venus, was then drugged and given a make-over, which she has since kept.
Assisted the Party during the Lotus Massacre.
Kurofa’s old outfits can be seen here for his male form, here for her female form, and here for her old warform.
Is the Lunar mate of Desert Rat.

Rain Deathflyer
Silver Pact Lunar who mas contacts with heaven and acts as a contact under the alias Tree Speaker.
Assisted the party with defeating the Burning Eyes Maiden.
Also assisted the Party during the Lotus Massacre.
Believes in reconciliation between the Sidereals and the Lunars.

Silver Python, the Serpent Queen
Silver Faction member who recruited Bulldog. Known to be antagonistic toward Sidereals.
Assisted the party with defeating the Burning Eyes Maiden.
Also assisted the Party during the Lotus Massacre.


Testimony of Godless Whispers
Led the group of Dragons of a Different Color who attacked Rinmarg
Handed out Orbs of Creation’s Descent to the attackers


Ailani of Melevhil
Daughter of ghost author Arnthi of Melevhil and recently revealed to be the true author of Arnthi’s posthumus works.
Wrote and internationally published The Slinger.
Part of the group that visited heaven, the Bath of Venus, and made contact with Ei Zou.
Companion of Slinger Sooth-Salad.

Ecstatic Light
Adopted by the Parrot Tribe League, she acted as their ambassador to the outside world and prevented a war with local non-beastmen.
Companion of Zhuī Lóng.
Part of the group that visited heaven, the Bath of Venus, and made contact with Ei Zou.

Lintha Haquen Jaan
A Lintha business woman who has been attempting to legitimize various Lintha assets.
Companion of Countless Subsection Cuts; gave him a Lintha letter of sanctuary.
Part of the group that visited heaven, the Bath of Venus, and made contact with Ei Zou.

The Madame
Escaped from the party with Vaughn during the party’s second mission.
Led the group that visited heaven, the Bath of Venus, and made contact with Ei Zou.

The Opponent
Impersonated Ei Zou, a powerful & old Sidereal, for years using a pair of artifacts, though it drove him insane.
Left the artifacts, The Gauntlets of Hadeon & The Crystal Mirror of Identity Disruption , in Yu-Shan.
Has returned to creation and experienced a Renewal which cured his insanity.
Now goes around organizing and assisting the returned Nocturnals.

Vaughn, The Vagrant
Exalted during the party’s paradox observation mission
Described as a vagrant but calls himself Vaughn, The Nice Guy.
Part of the group that visited heaven, the Bath of Venus, and made contact with Ei Zou.
Sleeps when he has nothing to do and only eats food that has been mixed together.
Has no interest in Yu-Shan and claims to still have business to finish in Creation.
Wife-to-be was killed by Erehio and he is on a quest for revenge.
Companion of Idris Khan


Bronze Faction

Chejop Kejak
Killed during the Lotus Massacre. See the entry for his ghost.

Anys Syn
Top aide to Chejop Kejak.
Was Creation’s most accomplished martial artist, creator of the Five Immaculate Dragon Styles.
Known master manipulator and socialite.

Was the guardian of the Imperial Mountain.
Was undercover as Righteous Granite, right-hand of the abbot of the mountain’s highest temple.
The Temple’s name was the Immaculate Temple of Ivory Resplendence.

Ahn-Aru aka. Sad Ivory
Official title is the Righteous and Fateful Ender of Royal Lines in the River Province
Observes and manipulates politics in the Scavenger Lands, Organizes the Wyld Hunt there
Religiously loyal to the Bronze faction and a workaholic rarely in Yu-Shan.
Young and has publicly stated she would like to spend more time in Yu-Shan to meet her fellow Siddies better.

Person of the Air
Specialized in issues regarding the Daystar, the Silver Chair, and the Firment.
Unfortunate duty of monitoring the comings and goings of the incarna themselves.
Alerted aerial defenses to possible incursions.

Antinomian Law
Oversaw the education of new Bronze faction members.
Expert with propaganda.

Ascending Cloud
Immaculate Order sifu and manager.
Was concerned with heroic behavior and attempts to instill the classic virtues into his students
When in Yu-Shan, he spent his time acting as a vigilante by punishing corrupt gods.

Beautiful Sanchari
Was Chancellor of Dept. 137 of the Forbidding Manse of Ivy, the Sidereal Sorcery Academy.
Was charge of ensuring the right mortals learn thaumaturgic skills.
While a Bronze faction member, was willed to teach other factions.

Black Chremat
Focused on the fates of the rich and their fortunes.
Enforced the ban on Sidereal’s abusing their salary while in Creation.
Was a faculty member at The Spiral Academy, watching future entrepreneurs.
Usually seen in her full body battle armor when not at the Spiral Academy.

Blessed Hand of the Monkey
Practically a ronin.
Heaven’s most notorious pervert, lead a team on a panty raid when Venus and Mars were at the Bath of Venus.
It’s an open secrect that he was tolerated because he was willing to serve as muscle for the Bronze Faction.

Bonsai Black
Was on the Convention of Wood.
Promoted the idea of Martial Arts as Philosophy.
Spread MA to different nations as a means of social change.

Cede Vet Ti
Newer Sidereal who was being trained to seek out secret and sacred knowledge.
Posed as a sidekick to help detectives in Creation find the evidence they need to find.
Her Mentor was Gold Faction member Sapphire Sparrow

Consumptive Fury
Worked with the fates of those who will die unexpectedly, famine, and harvests
Specialized in poisons
Owned numerous restaurants in Yu-Shan and Creation

Cyanide & Happiness
Recently brought to Yu-Shan as a ronin.
Was known to be unstable but willing to do anything to get a job done.
Rumored to be paid highly and bribed to come to Yu-Shan.
Not particularly “refined.”

Enlightened Blade Alchemy
Exalted at a young age and still as the apparent age of a 14 year old.
Specialized in various youth cultures and starmetal crafting.
Proponent of awakening and empowering small gods of weapons to serve along side Exalted.

Everheart Sutra
Served the Convention of Fire
Specialized in the fates of servants and peasants, as well as the secrets they kept.
Rumored to have been gathering info for either the Internal Ethics Convention or Nazri.

Fanī Leopaldon
Chaired the Special Convention on Plague
Was chief medic among the Sidereals.
Specialized in saving the lives of the near dead, ensuring they live but have needed near death experiences.
Worked on analyzing the Great Contagion.

Filial Piety
Rather dour Sidereal specialized in fated revenge, constant rivals, and family feuds.
Kept track of various Martial tournaments in creation.
Liked to set younger Sidereal cohorts against each other.

Fire Flower Vigil
Herd Guardian and liaison to the Celestial Lions
Worked among police forces in creation.
Mentor to Amy Urawa

Iron Siaka, The Happy Warrior
Chaired the Special Convention on War
She was born in the Realm and was fond of DBs.
Worked on protecting the Realm from creatures of darkness.
Had connections with the Imperial Navy.
Fond of women, battles, and napping.

Command specialist, focused on inspiring troops and aiding generals.
Worked outside the realm to ensure that wars continued and served real purposes.
Particularly focused on wars that result in two cultures eventually coming together through assimilation.
Promoted expanding the Realm.

Ku Lon
Infiltrator of Dragon-Blooded academies
Specialized in making sure young Dragon-Blooded Exalted lived up to their fates
Was a faculty member of The Cloister of Wisdom and The Heptagram

Mountain’s Song
Worked with travelers facing famine, drought, and other rough conditions.
Was on the Special Convention on Plague and the Special Convention on Natural Disasters.
Promoted geomancy, reforming creation’s landscape, and taking more direct control of the terrestrial elementals.

Petals Around the Rose
Quiet Sidereal who specialized in being a wallflower or otherwise unobtrusive participant in Realm affairs.
Conducted intelligence work in the Realm and Lookshy.
Was not a socialite but attended most parties in Yu-Shan.

Pymander Seven
It was a very public secret that he was posted to his job for getting caught in an affair with the mistress of his boss.
Was undercover as the personal astrologer for the Wyld Hunt
Desk jobs was overseeing the hunts for anathema but would sneak out for combat missions when bored.

Ragara Ulmani
Was the Bronze faction record keeper and librarian
Specialized in spreading false rumors and evidence. Hid forbidden knowledge.
Forgery expert.

Righteous Tsunami
A Tya, a Islander woman who lived as a man & prefered to be referred to a male.
Chair of the Convention of Water and Youngest Chair since the Usurpation. Chair of the Special Convention on Unknown Exalts.
Brutal but practical combatant and general, youngest Sidereal to survive a direct confrontation with a Deathlord.
Diving and sailing specialist

Shajah Holok
Friend and sparring parter of Chejop Kejak.
Known for being the compassionate Angel on Chejop Kejak’s shoulder.
Stepped out of politics and only nominally held to his faction.
Ran the Tenth Maiden Tea House.

Soon Nagkwak
Specialized in gamblers and other people who play with fate.
Maintained connections among criminals & politicians who believed it was lucky having her around.
Had a sizable fortune in creation which she specifically didn’t co-mingle with her Salary.

Starlight Melody
Smart, competent, subtle, a real stereotypical Sid.
Known to have been more reserved than the average Chosen of Serenity.
Known to have taken pleasure in teaching.
Threw herself into her work when her Sidereal lover died.

Stiltzkin Kuepo
A Mohga, Fae-Blooded Race
Worked near the edge of creation with wyld effected people.
Reported on Fae activity.
Constantly over worked but always cheerful.

Wyld Mutant from the South
Spied among the Fae and Lunar Exalted.
Used to work among the Dragon-Blooded and was Mnemon’s mentor.
Said he got sick of noble Dragon Blooded Society.

Storied Maiden of Lore
Worked with the fates of Damsels in Distress and repeated fates
Was Chair of the Subcommittee on the Star-Blessed
Her authorization was required for Half-Caste to reside in Yu-Shan

Ten Thousand Virtues
Elderly Chair of the Convention on Deathlords.
Known to have had a spy network in the Underworld.
Was lobbying for Sidereal’s to be allowed to learn Underworld aspected martial arts.

Specialized in missions where the Sidereal was expected to be totally unseen, not just disguised.
Followed orders as a loyal soldier and encouraged other Siddies to have this attitude.
Also monitored the conduct of higher ups of both factions.
Served on the Special Convention on Internal Ethics and acted as it’s muscle.

Unwinding History
Worked primarily in the Scavenger Lands.
Often posed as a traveling scholar who just happened to have the knowledge needed in any given situation.
Had encyclopedic knowledge of seemingly random mundane sciences and topics.
That guy who drops that small hint that leads the party to a big adventure, often at a bar. You know the guy.

Sidereal who had the unfortunate pleasure of fighting Balor himself.
Most his body was replaced with Starmetal prosthetics.
Specializes in power armor and Wyld zones.

Worked with ghost-blooded and Necromancy.
Was on the Special Convention on Deathlord.
Was investigation Necromantic academies.

Wei Sakeguchi
Has a Play Boy reputation in Yu-Shan but cultivates a more gruff persona in creation.
Owns and patronizes the best salons and clothing stores in heaven.
Socialite with many allies among Bronze faction sympathetic gods.

Zhuī Lóng, the Dragon Chaser
Was mentored by Ku Lon and her training consisted of acting as sifu to Lost Egg DBs.
Known to be rather guff since her Exaltation, much like her previous incarnation Drunken Tiger.
Has gotten approval to bring her Dragon-Blooded brother to Yu-Shan under the cover of being her husband
Known to have substance abuse issues and was drugged and given a makeover by the women of her party. They believed she looked too butch.
‘Given’ a familiar to monitor and prevent her substance abuse.

Gold Faction

Ayesha Ura
Was the Gold Faction Leader and a bit of an idealist
Chaired the Eastern Convention, the Convention on Essence Wielders, & the Sub-Convention on Demons.
Mentored by Chejop Kejak but joined and revived the Gold Faction
Was the highest ranked Chosen of Journeys
Major socialite in Heaven and the Elemental Court of Fire. Had a Garda Bird familiar, Everlasting Dawn.
Rumored to have been Lupo’s lover.

Tree Person who, surprisingly, served the Convention of the West
Specialized in stealth combat who often used sorcery to appear human .
Valentina’s Character’s Mentor.

Amy Urawa
One of the newest Sidereals.
Posted to the SS-Sentai, a newbie combat squad.
Tech and travel specialist.

Belladonna Atropa
Unknown Axiom’s Character’s Mentor
Monitors and infiltrates Yozi cults
Oversees the fate of the Demon-Blooded
Rumored to be pregnant.

Black Ice Shadow, Abyssal Impersonator
Ghost-blooded and was the main Sidereal agent in the Underworld
Raised by small gods of death and decay
Was Special Assistant to Wayand, God of Silence and head of Endings
Was only newly put in the field but rumors say he is already corrupted
Generally acted with a grim brusqueness and didn’t work well with the living.
Had a ghost Sifu, the Pyre-Flame Blademaster

Bloody Lipped Cassandra
Specialized in Secret that are Shameful or Savage and Crimes of Passion.
Recently started overseeing the fates of Eastern tribes.
Never removed her face covering scarf except in the presence of those she trusts
Vocal proponent of increasing the worship of the Incarna

Cero, The Black Bandit
Former specialist in training heroic mortals
Brought mortals to Yu-Shan and helped with the planning of the Calibration celebrations
Was investigating the return of the Solar Exalted

Received the exaltation shard of the creator of Crane Style and was its best practitioner.
Spent much time in meditation, attempting to retrieve memories of his previous Exaltations.
Was a scholar of the the First Age, Primordial War, and the Time Before.

Crimson Banner Executioner, The Enigmatic Assassin
Half Delzahn Noble, Half Chiaroscuran Commoner
Closed-lipped Workaholic who literally lived in the Crimson Panoply of Victory
Never removed his armor around Sidereal’s he didn’t know and trust.
Worked with Vanisgrey and Black Chremat on magical technologies.
Rumors say a renegade god was out to kill him and that he was hideously disfigured under the mask

Dozima Wokish
Member of the Convention of Fire
Had numerous connection with the Court of the Orderly Flame
Searched for the lost Southern Censor, Swan Dragon
Picked up the current censor’s slack and maintained fate has best he could in the South

Emerald Thorn
was a specialist in Martial Arts as an aesthetic art form.
Oversaw the fates of brothels, bath houses, prostitutes, and illegitimate children.
Had a thing for Sake and Roses.
Rumored to have been running a city in Creation known as “The Village of Respite”.

Fleet Brilliance
Specialized in moving large groups such as tribes or armies
Known to have been a part of Gold faction management
Worked on getting airships back into common use.

Gracious Shaia, The Matchmaker
Was the main recruiter for the Cult of Illuminated
Served the Convention of Wood.
Specialized in Romances, Maternal Figures, and Powers Behind Thrones.
Headed the Unofficial Convention on Romances and the Sidereal Women’s Club

Idris Khan
Last incarnation was Blessed Grove’s Bounty.
Ditched her old outfit during a side story.

Joseph One Shoe
Specialized in fates related to crime and other illicit activity
Worked primarily in Nexus and was an expert in disguises
Rumored to have had a network of thieves and street preachers
Tried to attend every worthwhile party in heaven.

Kai, The Eccentric Specialist
Half-insane savant of First Age tech
Only revealed insanity to friends, acted kindly to strangers
Hated the Bronze faction, grave robbers, and physical contact
Oversaw fates of burials and proper deaths
Looked like an old man but was only 350 years old

Lowuyica, the Explosive Phoenix
High Powered Sorcery and Munitions Expert
Was a faculty member at Valkhawsen, the Sorcery Academy at Lookshy.
Savant of First Age large scale war tech.
Worked with his brother in Creation on the fates of Halta and Linowa.

Head Sifu of the Gold Faction and reakpolitik balance to Ayesha Ura’s idealism
Served on the Convention on Deathlords
Rumored to have been Ayesha Ura’s lover.
Was working on a new Sidereal MA

Maduka Shin
Specialized in creating hardships that strengthens those effected.
Known to have been working on a project for the Gold Faction and being stressed.
Offered training to those she believed had become to decadent from years in Yu-Shan.
Maintained the Sidereal training facilities.

Makoto Mew
One of the newest Sidereals.
Posted to the SS-Sentai, a newbie combat squad as the Face woman.

Expert on horses and other mounts, both magical and non-magical
Known trouble shooter for the Gold Faction who spent most her time in Creation on faction work.
Had a reputation for being a career-focused individual and open for paid side jobs.

May Blossom, The Troublemaker
Born into House Nellens but became disillusioned with the Realm at a young age
Worked as a infiltrator among Dragon-Bloods and other nobles.
Was adept as both Sorcery and Martial Arts
Was a major socialite with Gracious Shaia as her Sifu.

Melisande Aranja
Specialist and scholar of arcane fate.
Public proponent of repairing the constellation of the Mask.
Had a tendency to forget to get out of character.

Specialized in the fate of the Realm’s armies.
Would prefer to take combat missions but focused on intel, manipulation, & other non-combat duties involving the realm’s armies.
Rumored to have a private combat unit.
Sifu was Sadness in the Blade.

Sadness in the Blade
Infiltrated the Deathlord’s armies
Had trained many Sidereals of both factions other the years, maintained connections with all of them.
Worked with the fates of outcasts, former soldiers, and the insane.

Sapphire Sparrow
Bookish woman known for seeking out knowledge. Served as the Gold Faction librarian and scribe.
Left the bronze faction for the Gold but was known to have refused to reveal Bronze secrets.
Weaved coded notes in cloth instead of writing anything down.

Spiral Angel
Was on the Convention of the Water.
Organized rebel movements and upstart clans.
Worked to spread the use of magical technologies for sea fairing.
Expert on steam powered weaponry and other equipment.

Stage Presence
Mentored by Melisande Aranja
Specialized in the fates of artists and theaters.
Was heaven’s resident fop.

Worked for the Convention of Air.
Spread the Gold Faction ideology among mortals.
Known to pose as a Solar to trick the Wyld Hunt and other Solars.

Thousand Bound Threads
Slinger Sooth-Salad’s Character’s Mentor
On the Convention on Yozis.
Focused on monitoring Demon Summoners and ‘taging’ CoDs to bring them into Fate.
Ensured that demons are being used for approved purposes, particularly in the Realm.
Inspected demon-built structures for attempts to create gates to outside of Creation.
Very professional when on duty, known to get very drunk off duty.
Currently on leave.

Unfolding Corpse-White Lotus
Served on the Convention on Deathlord and the Convention of Water
Was spying on the Silver Prince
Was seen as inexperienced and possibly over her head.

Vizzard of Heaven’s Law
Relatively new Sidereal, known to have worked with the Fates of Lunars and Solars.
Mentored non-Sidereal Exalts in the use of Celestial Sorcery, to teach them proper use of the art.
Was on her first leave period.

Venerable Silk
Co-Chaired the Special Convention on Internal Ethics and an acknowledged impartial judge.
Was vocal about his Gold faction leanings.
Expert on Essence physics and associated sciences.
Owned the heavily guarded Sequestered Tabernacle manse.

Young Wovoka
Focused on the the fate of Shamans, non-industrialized people, and mortal Thaumaturges.
Specialist in working with the Loop and Prophecy.
Language specialist, knowing the speech and writing of many small cultures.

Worked with tribes in the North, stifling the progress of some and promoting other.
Known to be loyal but overworked.
Was investigating Gethamane and the Underground for the Sub-Convention on the Underground.

Zhen Xue
Gold Faction scout and Memory thief
Specialized in sexual paradoxes, casualty crises and unexpected births of high-ranking nobles
Maintained a friendly face to all and was a noted socialite.
Had publicly declared her interest in Kai.


Nazri, The Perpetually Independent
Chair of the Convention of Fire and highest ranked Endings Caste.
Publicly denounced both the Gold and Bronze factions, would have been killed if not for his spirit allies.
Has the support of many gods and works to protect younger independents.
Expert on Fair Folk, the Wyld, and Wars that end people or nations.
Sails in his spare times and throws boat parties.

Countless Subsection Cuts
Up-an-comer among the newest Sidereals.
Mentored by Rightly Guided Orator, who worked with Countless’ past incarnation Gada Giyeka.
Has represented clients in Court before even being ready for Sidereal duties.
Previous incarnation invented the necktie.
The hun soul of Chejop Kejak resides in Countless’s sword and acts as a mentor.

Dragon’s Beloved Egg
Former mayor of Rinmarg and was seemingly the 101th Sidereal
Turned out she received Ei Zou’s exaltation and that their was an impostor before.
The party was present for her Exaltation when she was protecting her town against Exalted attackers

Graceful Silken Veil
Worked with the fates of weddings, courtships, marriages, and wedding-crashers.
Specialist in the History of Sidereal Exaltation and kept records of Sidereals past and present.
Spent much time by the Loom and was one of the few Sidereal’s to maintain personal relationships with the pattern spiders.

Dalai Un-Dach-Fal, The Joyful Laborer
Person of the Earth, though he often hides his appearance with a hearthstone.
Head of the Underground Cities Fate planning committee,
Chair of the Sub-Convention on the Underground and was recently made Chair of the Sub-Convention on the Wyld
Liaison to the Superintendency of Nature Grand and Humble (Bureau of Nature).
Runs the Isodoros’ Head Pub in Yu-Shan with an Automaton out of his manse.

The Green Lady, Walker Among Deathlords
Known to be deep undercover investigating the Deathlords
On the Convention on Deathlords
Further inquires classified by Nara-O

Lotus Roots
MA teacher and archivist.
Known for writing multiple manuals with other Sidereals, Dragon-Bloods, and even Mortals to ensure no MA are lost.
While his efforts were a charitable cause, access to his archive wasn’t and he required payment of some sort.

Minako Aina
One of the newest Sidereals.
Posted to the SS-Sentai, a newbie combat squad.
Combat specialist.

Otta Benga
Worked to end slavery and remove it from fate.
Often posed as a slave and oversaw rebellions himself.
Refused to join either faction because neither had worked towards his goals.
Made numerous enemies in heaven and survived numerous assassination attempts.

Razol Solel, The Dragon King Curator
Worked with the fate of Dragon-Kings and was attempting to help them rebuild.
Jokingly referred to as the sole member of the “Scaled Faction”.
Known to bring Dragon-Kings to Yu-Shan for protection.

Rei Kohino
One of the newest Sidereals.
Posted to the SS-Sentai, a newbie combat squad.
MA and war specialist.

Rightly Guided Orator
Was Countless Subsection Cuts’ often busy mentor
Was the oldest Exalted legal consultant and defense attorney in Yu-Shan
Took cases almost at random and known for creative use of loop-holes

Serene Night Lights
One of the newest Sidereals.
Posted to the SS-Sentai, a newbie combat squad.
Head of the unit and sorcery specialist.

Shepherd of the North Star, The Friendly Stranger
Specialized in the fate of travelers, explorers, and messengers.
Chaired the Special Convention on Natural Disasters.
Worked on bringing cultures into contact with each other in his spare time.
Had a reputation for being perpetually late when off-duty
Had guild connection, Nazri was his Sifu, Lover of the Goddess of Nightingales

Slinger Sooth-Salad
Newly commissioned Sidereal known for being good at following orders.
Not quite taken seriously by many in heaven. This, however, has been changing ever since Naro-O stole his glasses.
His previous incarnation, Billiam Butters, is remembered as a failure but Naro-O described him as a badass.
Is the star of the novel The Sling Shot by Ailani of Melevhil, though nobody knows this.

Soft Spoken Words of Peace
Was a neutral negotiator between the faction and in Creation.
Specialized in mission were the guidelines are not exactly clear.
Often acted as a calming influence on both factions.

Quickening Water
Informally watched over marriages, births and love in the South.
Was investigating the Southern War god.
Gave refuge to run away Brides of Ahlat.


Cathak Raji
Only his name is known and the fact that he is posing as a Lost Egg Dragon-Blooded.

Tam Glau
Claimed she would join the Five Fold Fellowship after she “finished some business.”

Tai of the Crimson River
Left Yu-Shan a decade ago with Wandering Sky. Records are classified.

Wandering Sky
Left Yu-Shan a decade ago with Tai of the Crimson River. Records are classified.



Mnemon, the First Among Equals
Won the Realm Civil War, extending from her base in Vabahi Prefecture to take the Imperial Mt. from Regent Fokuf.
While she grasped the throne, House Mnemon was decimated by desperate kamikaze attacks.

Tepet Ejava, the Roseblack, The General Who Would Be Shogun
The underdog throughout the Realm Civil War, she almost won by surrounding the Isle with her navy.

Lookshy DBs

Maheka Zien Mu, Dragon-Blooded Exalt
Given permission to reside in Yu-Shan when in the company of his fake wife, Zhuī Lóng, or if cleared before hand by the Celestial Lions
Allied with the Bronze Faction
Resides in Lookshy with the Gens Maheka when in not Yu-Shan and in Nexus whenever it is possible to get away from his family.
Training to master the other Elemental natures of the Dragon Blooded
Has been acting as the party’s guide in Nexus.

Dragons of a Different Color

Fao’oqa Ceniza
Part of the group that attacked Rinmarg during the party’s second mission

Manosque Tirahan
Part of the group that attacked Rinmarg during the party’s second mission

Rhamadus Yangia
Killed by Kurofa Kachina and Slinger Sooth-Salad
Part of the group that attacked Rinmarg during the party’s second mission

Tepet Fokuf
Made Regent in the absence of the Empress as he was the most inoffensive candidate.
Secretly hid his ambition and ability while acting incompetent to start the Realm Civil War.
Held the Imperial Mt. and much of the SE Isle before losing massive numbers of troops to one of Tepet Ejava legions.
Was eventually revealed to be a Dragon of a Different Color.

Uacada Khostan
Part of the group that attacked Rinmarg during the party’s second mission

Zathrun Daem
Killed by Kurofa Kachina
Part of the group that attacked Rinmarg during the party’s second mission

Primordials & their Devas

Humaniform Jouten

Gaia, The Emerald Mother, The Maiden of Plenty
Along with the Elemental Dragons, which are some of her component souls or Kami, she is one of the few remnants of the Primordial to remain in Creation.
Lover of Luna.
Met the party to observed the captive Infernal Eva and hear the request of amnesty she brought from her master.


The Incarna

The Unconquered Sun, Sol Invictus, Ignis Divine, the Most High, the Once-Guarding Star
Was left alone at the Games of Divinity, for the first time in known history, shortly before the Lotus Massacre.

Luna, the Argent Madonna, The Silver Lady, the Fickle Lady, Second on High
Has many forms similarly to how the moon has many phases. Only some are shown above.
Forms from Left to Right: The Bloody Huntress, The Silver-Horned Watcher, The Two-Faced Bride pregnant with The Silver Mirror, The Walker at the Crossroads, The White Navigator, The Arrow Sentinel, Zatesh of Doorways, The Premises of a Dark Star, The Third Eye Pyramid, The Wyld Ambassador, The Rabbit on the Moon, The Moonlight Steed, The White Wolf, & The Chthonic Baara.
In the form of the Wyld Ambassador, she came to observed the captive Infernal Eva and hear the request of amnesty she brought from her master.
Allowed Countless stewardship of the Chthonic Baara’s Girdle with the hope that he would find it a new master.

Nox, Lord of the Night Sky, Incarna of Possibilities
Mentioned by the Nocturnals as their patron.
Has many forms representing his different possible selves in other Manvantara. Only some are shown above.
Forms from Left to Right: The Onyx Youth, The Diamond Prince, The Calibration King, The Star-Bellied Dancer, The Blue Khakhan, Pluto (the Maiden of Hours – with the symbol ), The Knight Between the Maidens, The Ghost in the Machine, Songan the Noble Brother, The Martial Goddess Tara
Revealed by the Maidens to have been defeated before the start of the Primordial War when he was going to alert the Yozis-to-be of the Incarnas’ plot.
His mind was put by Autochthon into the Loom as a regulating mechanism.
The maidens
The Maidens, The Fates, the Oracles of Destiny, The Sisters of Samsara
The inscrutable maidens are the gods of fate, heads of the Sidereal Divisions, & patrons of the Sidereal Exalted.
Their origin and exact nature is unknown. Some postulate that they are facets of one being while other disagree.
From Left to Right: Mercury (the Maiden of Journeys), Venus (the Maiden of Serenity), Vulcan (the Broken Maiden of Wisdom), Mars (the Maiden of Battles), Jupiter (the Maiden of Secrets), Saturn (the Maiden of Endings)
Saturn met personally with Countless during some of his debriefings.
Vulcan was revealed by the known Maidens to be the Sixth Maiden who was born ‘broken’.
She has domain over objective truth and wisdom, which in a world that can be rewritten by the will of Primordials and Exalts, resulted in her being only partially born.
She subconsciously oversees parts of the Loom that snare in things outside of fate and conducts Oversight.
Yet, most of the time she is catatonic or depressive.
She is only perfectly aware when the Maidens all are of the same mind.
is her symbol, but it is seen rarely as she has no exalted of her own.

Sidereal Division Heads

Ruvia, Captain of the Golden Barque of the Heavens, God of Roads
Head of the Division of Journeys

Yaogin the Fair , God of Beautiful Dreams
“Head” of the Division of Serenity and the Cerulean Lute of Harmony

Lord General Hu Dai Liang, Shogun of the Crimson Panoply of Victory
Head of the Division of Battles

Nara-O of the Hundred Veils, Keeper of Secrets
Head of the Division of Secrets and the Forbidding Manse of Ivy

Wayang, the Black Puppet Mask, God of Silence
Head of the Division of Endings and the Violet Bier of Sorrows

Other Gods of the Highest Ranks

Amoth City-Smiter, God of Ruins
Does double duty working on Creation’s numerous ruins and working as Sub-Director of Finance and Bribery in the Bureau of Humanity
Is on the cusp of promotion to god of the fifth rank and has multiple strong cults in creation.
Paid Countless Subsection Cuts a casual visit to pass on warnings from Sidereal factions regarding attacking Kurofa Kachina.

Asna Firstborn, the Pattern Spider Queen
Was missing the night the Loom started convulsing.
Assisted the Party when they were investigating the location of the Maidens.
Created by Autochthon to birth the Pattern Spiders.
Rumored to be able to totally sever threads of fate.

Lytek, The Right Hand of Power, God of Exaltation
Owns the cabinet that holds exaltation while they are between incarnations and this cabinet recently expanded to hold new exaltations.
Seems to have had his memory tampered with regarding the shard of Ei Zou/Blessed Dragon’s Egg.

Important Gods and Elementals

Deckrick, Goddess of Sentient Automatons
Partied with/around Slinger Sooth-Salad at his commissioning celebration
Should be more popular/important in the Celestial Hierarchy but she creeps out most other gods
Promotes the use of thinking Automatons in creation

Free Spirited Arvia, City-Mother of Nexus in Training
The child of Gen, the City-Father of Hollow, rescued from attempted capture by Fae and Abyssal agents by the party.
Raised in secret by Dvora Odom and obfuscated from Fate by her father, her existence is causing quite a bit of trouble for her father now that she is in Yu-Shan.
Currently being trained by Sessen Douji (the God of Enlightenment), Sayuri (God of Judgement), Vermillion Ink Silencer (God of Mergers and Liquidations), & Alya Ghand (Another Formerly Mortal Goddess)

Golden-Eyed Jorst, God of Deciduous Forests, Master of Forest Revels, The New Leaf King
King of the New Leaf Court in the East, Holds Domain over all the deciduous forests of the East but not jungles or evergreen forests
Holds a months-long summer party in his Manse, the Temple of Joy, in the Eastern forests.
Many Gods and Exalts come to the Temple of Joy for private respite and Jorst is very well liked as a result.
Had a four day affair with Idris Khan following her commissioning celebration.
On the last day of Resplendent Air, Jorst closes his manse and retires to Elsewhere until spring.

Ilygna, Goddess of Ritual Fires
Socialized with Idris Khan at her commissioning celebration

Parad, The Left-Hand of Power, God of Inherited Might
Adjutant to Lytek, empowered to trace the bloodlines of the Terrestrial Exalts and God-Bloods. Formerly Lytek’s equal before DB/mortal miscegenation started.
His appearance constantly shifts from one DB aspect to another.

Pirouette of Thunders, Goddess of Weather Worship
Powerful Undersecretary in the Bureau of Nature
Gave Idris information on contacting Glorious Jade Branch
Authorized the S-Team’s mission in Halta

Rhamnusia, Goddess of Revenege
Promised Idris Khan that she would keep an eye out for Tree-Father Erehio so that she could get vengeance.
Alerted the Idris Kkhen when Erehio showed up in Sijan looking differently than he did in the past.

Sessen Douji, likely God of Satori
Goat-boy god of enlightenment of some sort.
Travels widely, currently meditating at the highest point of Yu-Shan’s ceiling
Free Spirited Arvia is currently following him for training.

Shereth-Daxineth, God of Taxes
Recently had some sort of public encounter with Kurofa Kachina.

Uurd, Goddess of Humiliation
Has a bit of a crush on Slinger Sooth-Salad and has successfully humilated him twice

Mid-Rank Gods and Elementals

Alya Ghand, Goddess of Escaped Virgin Sacrifices
Friend and Roommate of Idris Khan
Previously mortal from the village of Quiet Breeze

Aubast’h, God of Animal Cuteness
Partied with/around Slinger Sooth-Salad at his commissioning celebration
Surprisingly crass

Corbet, God of Sweet Treats
Partied with/around Slinger Sooth-Salad at his commissioning celebration
Has a tendency to get angry and turn things into candy

Glorious Jade Branch, Leader of the Haltan Tree Walkers
He, along with his subordinate Tree Walkers, helped the S-Team defeat the Burning Eyes Maiden.

Gome, God of Seemingly Random Encounters
Sold information to the party.
Has a reputation for being… slimy but is good at finding random bits of information.
Makes a very good living from a side job as an information broker, though he is not taken very seriously.
Has a fondness for chaos and is weirded-out by orderly people.

Hamun, God of Misbehaving Non-Human Primates and Monkeys
Partied with/around Slinger Sooth-Salad at his commissioning celebration
An expert thief and cheater at games

Heilum, Goddess of Sexually Suggestive Swimwear
Fitted Idris, K.K., Unknown, and Zhuī with swimsuits for the Bath of Venus
Adjunct to the Cabinet of Sexually Alluring Female Garments

The Ice Weasel Avatar
Patron of the Ice Weasel Tribe of the North and protector of the Ice Weasel species.
The terrestrial god Unknown Axiom met first after she Exalted.

Iontouya, God of Bare-Fisted Boxing
Partied with/around Slinger Sooth-Salad at his commissioning celebration

Jahyo, Northern God of Corpses Buried Under Snow
Hired as protection from Kurofa Kachina during the party’s second mission

Onsenna, Goddess of Bath Houses, Hot Springs, & Spas
Manager and Head Hostess at Bath of Venus

Rauti, God of Recreational Smoking
Partied with/around Slinger Sooth-Salad at his commissioning celebration
Former Huraka who somehow became smoke aspected

Sapatapas, Goddess of Hidden Islands
Socialized with Idris Khan at her commissioning celebration

Sharlo, Southern God of Corpses Buried Under Sand
Hired as protection from Kurofa Kachina during the party’s second mission

Shwa Shri, God of Smokey Whispers
Minor secretary under Wayang, Head of the Division of Endings.
Signed a liability waiver confirming that the party could not be held accountable if something went wrong on their second mission.

Villadonna, Goddess of Inappropriate Sexual Conduct.
Head maid in the retinue of Kurofa Kachina.

Rogue and Forbidden Gods

Erehio, Former Village-Father of Quiet Breeze
The missing god of a small village that was consumed by the Bayou of Endless Regret
The father of Idris Khan back when he was a normal, though usually powerful, tree spirit.
Killed Vaughn’s wife-to-be.

Minor Gods

Abiskoa Who Jumps At Fateʼs Shadow
Crazy pattern spider who hinted at the existence of the maiden Vulcan


Third Circle

Gnimersalt, The Mouthless Eater of All, 11th Barzinai of Kimbery
The go-between between Malfeas and Kimbery, physically and socially
In its human form, it represent its Yozi in the courts of the Demon City.
It its giant grub-like form, it filters the wastes and other materials that come to the sea of Kimbery from the Malfean sewers.
Offered Unknown Axiom akumahood.

Kagami , The City of Mirrors, Fetich Soul of Szoreny
Has no real form of his own but mirrors the forms of others just like his 1st Circle demons can.
False mirrors are recognized by their silver spheres for eyes and the quicksilver that pulses through their veins.
Is master of the Malfean mirror realm.
Offered Unknown Axiom akumahood.

Ligier, The Green Sun, Fetich Nihilem of Malfeas
Lover of Belladonna Atropa and organized offers of akumahood for Unknown Axiom.

Lypothymie, The Mask of Melancholy, 12th Soul of Hegra
Has no form outside of her sanctum except as a unique sort of passionate distant sadness.
When summoned, she inflicts herself upon the summoner or a prepared victim.
She exists in Creation as an infectious emotional condition only dispelled permanently by magic or charms.
She can turn other sentient creatures into living emotions like herself.
Performed the Investiture of Infernal Glory on Unknown Axiom.


Lily (Diplomat Caste)
Fae woman who created a maze of vines and flowers that the party went through to reach Nexus from Hollow.
Claims to have employed Artemisia Sapphire to kidnap Free Spirited Arvia
Her sanctum was utterly unmade by Unknown Axiom, leaving Lily a shadow of her former self.

Dragon Kings

Frozen Fang
Head Gardener of the Bureau of Nature and rumored to be God-Blooded
Tends to the public green space of Yu-Shan, particularly the grounds of the Bureau of Destiny
Always willing to listen to any Exalts’ problems and many have fond memories of him and his advice.
Leader of the Anklok community in Yu-Shan

Honest Correspondence
Head Scribe of the Bureau of Destiny, Official Calligrapher of the Asna Firstborn
Leader of the Raptok community in Yu-Shan
Helps new Dragon Kings in Yu-Shan find work and positions of influence

Rezza Skytalon
Currently running the office of the S-Team out of ‘The Little Office’ Manse
Expert Clerk trained by Honest Correspondence
Had mechanical arms grafted on to his frame to help with work


Xi-Shi Fuchai
Hostess of the Isidoros’ Head Pub run out of Dalai Un-Dach-Fal’s manse
Has the personality of a First Age Solar Exalt

Half-Castes and God-Blooded

Golden Children

Hurricane Jeanne
Battle Nun of the Unconquered Sun in the retinue of Kurofa Kachina.


Blushing Rose Thorn
Secretary and Financial Manager in the retinue of Kurofa Kachina.
Was attempting to counter Countless Subsection Cuts investigation of Kurofa Kachina.


Akanara Abramchaia
Younger child of Abramchaia and a recognized martial expert.
Managed a group of minor gods for the party on their second mission

Esoteric Motives
Elder child of Antinomian Law and noted freelancer and philosopher.
Hired by Countless Subsection Cuts to recruit bounty hunters in Creation.

Mythril Shot
Child of Teng-Che
Tracking and flame-wand specialist hired by Esoteric Motives, who works for Countless, to search for members of the new Exalt types.

Unthinkable Motives
Younger child of Antinomian Law.
Infiltration specialist and trained ninja hired by Esoteric Motives, who works for Countless, to search for members of the new Exalt types.

Xian Pu Lon
Child of Ku Lon.
Face woman and TMA specialist hired by Esoteric Motives, who works for Countless, to search for members of the new Exalt types.


Raging Firewater
Warrior and Steward in the retinue of Kurofa Kachina.
Has a artifact flight system and goremaul.


Assassin and Steward in the retinue of Kurofa Kachina.

Heroic Mortals

Artemisia Sapphire
A commensurate businesswoman originally from the North who rose to become a Hierarch in the Guild Directorate.
Primarily works out of the the Guild headquarters in Nexus and is in her late 30s/early 40s.
Stern and assertive, Artemisia doesn’t like to be taken lightly and only views Celestial Exalts as equals when they are courteous with her.
Hired the party to find Free Spirited Avria.

Dvora Odom
The Hierarch of the Guild Directorate in charge of banking and moneylending.
While she projects the aura of a kind but stern matron, Dvora Odom as a hard-edged and seasoned business woman.
Until recently, she was helping the God of Hollow raise and hide his god-blooded child in the underground of Nexus.
Has shown herself willing to deal with Exalted in the past, though she dislikes Sidereal meddling when she can remember.

Joe Bob, the Battle Butler
Recruited by Slinger Sooth-Salad in Sijan to be his loyal servant.
If Slinger had not received Billiam Butters’ exaltation, fate would have chosen Joe Bob.

Konami Genyama
Unexalted Daughter of Lookshy Dragon-Bloods.
Servant and social representative in the retinue of Kurofa Kachina.
Attended the Commissioning Ceremony of the S-Team as a representative of Kurofa Kachina
Appears to glow red in the sphere recovered from the party’s second mission


Hun Souls

Chejop Kejak
Late leader of the Five Fold Fellowship and it’s Bronze faction
Chaired the Capital Convention, Served on every Special Convention, worked directly with Jupiter and Nara-O
Controlled the The Immaculate Order as the advisor to the Mouth of Peace
Ruthless but tried to maintain friendly ties to other Sidereals
Was prophesied to see the next Age begin and did so by living till the Lotus Massacre.
Anchored to Yu-Shan by Countless’ sword.
Formerly a Secrets caste.


Absin Tainthe (Enlightened Spirit of Intoxication)
Familiar of Zhuī Lóng
Was given to/forced upon Zhuī Lóng by Idris Khan to help control her addictions.

Caliga (God-blooded Jade Peahen)
Familiar of Idris Khan and twin of Fumus, whom she can merge with
Child of Ever-Scintillating Glory (Daimyo of Sacred Materials, Director of the Five Jade Goddesses)
Was given a peacock tail by the Fancy Rat Avatar when she saved one of his rats from drowning in a garden pool.

Fumus (God-blooded Jade Peacock)
Familiar of Idris Khan and twin of Caliga, whom she can merge with
Child of Ever-Scintillating Glory (Daimyo of Sacred Materials, Director of the Five Jade Goddesses)

Izzie (Demon-blooded Boarlet)
Familiar of Litany Against Fear, given to Unknown Axiom to gain her trust.

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