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House Rules

1. We’ll use the revised Character Creation rules from the Scroll of Errata .
2. The Loom 2.0 charmset will be used instead of the official charmset.
3. Martial Arts will be restricted to this list of approved non-broken MA styles .
4. Everyone gets a free 5 dots in the MA ability.
5. Everyone gets one full TMA style regardless of essence minimums.
6. Everyone gets one CMA up to the form charm or 5 Terrestrial Circle Spells.
7. Everyone gets a free Mentor.
8. For every Sidereal charm purchased, one dot in the appropriate Astrological College is gained.
8.1. Excellencies, Ox-Bodies, Sorcery, and MA charms aren’t applicable for this bonus.
9. If you turn in a character image, you get 5 extra BP.

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