The S-Team

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Series Overview

SiddieRun is a mission-based Sidereal Exalted game inspired by Shadowrun, the setting of our group’s last game. This chronicle is set in the late Second Age and focuses on a newly dispatched team of Vizers regularly sent to Creation to correct causality disruptions detected through Loom of Fate. Possibly released a little early from training, these Sidereals will take on the missions no one else will take on. Not because they are too hard or too dangerous but because everyone else is dealing with the Solars, the Realm’s Civil War, and other projects that involve ignoring their duties. If there is a problem… if no one else can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can assign… The S-Team.

Navigation Note :

Major reoccurring PCs and NPCs will be listed on the characters tab but a fuller list of all named NPCs will be kept on the wiki’s cast list. Additionally, only unique artifacts and other items of significance to the entire party or to the plot will be listed on the items tab.

Additionally, SiddieRun runs in parallel with SiddieRun Gaiden, so some content may be recorded on that game’s page. Gaiden episodes are cross-posted on this site for the sake of completeness.


Exalted Sidereals: SiddieRun

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