Billiam Butters’ Folding Land Ship

Portable Artifact Vehicle for Land and Sea


Given to Slinger Sooth-Salad as his commissioning gift.

The keel of this land ship consists of white jade sandwiched between black jade; the rest of the ship is ordinary wood, forming whatever vessel the artificer desires (but no land ship has ever exceeded 60 feet in length). Then, the jade of the keel liquefies the earth and stone around the ship so that the ship can sail through them. Even large trees flow around the ship as it sails, though massive forests are very rough sailing. Once past the ship, the earth flows back together and resolidifies, leaving almost no trace. This can harm man-made foundations, but it’s dangerous for the ship to do intentionally: sailing into a stone wall is like sailing into a waterfall, and a capsized land ship can sink into the ground, never to be seen again.
Even when the ship is destroyed, the keel can usually be recovered and used for a new ship. Using Sail Charms when attuned to the land ship provides a 2m (minimum 1m) discount. The ship requires no crew as the ship handles its own sail, bilge and the like. It needs only a helmsman. From the helm, a pilot can verbally command the rest of the ship.
At its owner’s command, the ship can folds itself up in a visual spectacle, completing the one minute process as a 1’ x 6” x 6” box that weighs 20 pounds. It takes just as long for the boat to unfold. Twelve straight hours as a box repairs the ship of any damage it may take. If the owner wants, the folding ship can reassemble as a vessel with self-moving oars and a shallower draft for river travel. The attunement cost is 10 motes on water or 20 motes on Land.

Billiam Butters’ Folding Land Ship

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